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About This Play/Drill

Coach Wooden preached ball movement from side-to-side, making the defense move frequently and never letting the ball settle. With lots of quick passes in 10 to 15 foot gaps, Wooden was a master at designing plays that forced his teams to share the ball. As a counter, many defenses would start to jump passing lanes or make perimeter passing more difficult. When that would occur, Wooden would run "Indiana", a backdoor set that played through the high post.

  • Basketball Play - Indiana
  • Basketball Play - Indiana
  • Basketball Play - Indiana
  • Perimeter swing from 1 to 4.

  • 2 fakes cutting off a UCLA screen from 5 and pops back. 4 hits 2, and 2 passes to 1, which triggers a shuffle cut from 4.

  • 3 pins in on 4 to go to the corner as a dummy action. 1 passes to 5, who hits 2 darting back door to the rim.