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About This Play/Drill

David Blatt been around the Israeli and Euroleague basketball circuit. Including coaching for Maccabi Tel Aviv (they de bezt, alweyz de bezt) and the Russian National Team (Kirilenko, Mozgov, Shved). He coached Anthony Parker back into the NBA. Names don't exactly get the point across, but let it be known, that he has coached winning teams, almost exclusively. And thats the point of the game.

From what I can gather Blatt's teams run a lot through a horns offense. Which, if you don't know, puts two guys- one on either- high post (witch's nipple), two guys in opposite corner/wings and starts with the ball handler at the top of the key.  It is not a triangle offense, but it does revolve around cerebral players creating space with passing, smart cutting and good footwork. Certainly a proprietor of the Triangle has respect for this, a verySpurs-y set of offensive goals. Everybody needs touches to make this kitten purr. Everyone needs to fill the open spaces that relate to their skill set, and everyone must become a threat when they have the ball.

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  • Basketball Play - David Blatt Horns 1 Set Play
  • Basketball Play - David Blatt Horns 1 Set Play
  • 1 passes to 4 and cuts to the right wing. 5 sets a down screen for 2. 2 cuts to the top left guard spot. 5 sets a cross screen for 3. 3 cuts to the left wing. 4 passes to 2. 2 passes to 3.

  • 5 sets a ball screen on 3 and rolls to the basket. 3 attacks the middle of the lane. 2 slides to the top right guard spot. 1 slides to the right corner.