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Published 02/10/2015 by Kevin Bruinsma Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Oakland has made a commitment this season to throwing the ball in to the post to one of the best centers in the league #42 Corey Petros.  Their offense has evolved from a dribble drive offense with moments of the Dick Bennett “Movers & Blockers” offense which we actually ran a bit during my time at Portland. Valparaiso has always doubled big to big on post entries so Oakland must have added a play to their arsenal before playing this game. The irony of it is they took the play from Valpo who has been running the overload play for years and added one wrinkle.  With the guards cleaning out it opens up the over top lob pass for the 5 if they front.  With the flare screen for the 1 it puts the PG as the only back side help and he is guarding the flare cut.  When the ball goes into #42 Petros the 4 man #4 Hayes dives right to the rim as his man doubles the center.  The only person on that side of the floor available to help is the point guard who is no match-up for a 6’8 power forward.

  • Basketball Play - Oakland Overload
  • Basketball Play - Oakland Overload
  • 2 & 3 runs off 4 & 5 screens. 1 passes the ball to 3.

  • 4 sets flare screen for 1. 1 moves to wing. 3 passes the ball either over the top to 5 if fronted or directly to him. 4 dives to rim if double team comes spaces floor if single coverage.