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About This Play/Drill

This quick mis-direction action can give you several options for scoring quickly. If you have a good shooting point-guard, the early flare screen will provide him with an opportunity for a quick 3 in the possession. If the defense takes away the early 3-point attempt by your point-guard, the 3 man quickly sets a cross-screen for your 5 man, who should get a post-up opportunity on the block. The play finishes with a down-screen by the 4 man to give the 3 man an opportunity for a 3-point attempt after he cross-screens.

  • Basketball Play - Rip
  • Basketball Play - Rip
  • Basketball Play - Rip
  • 1 passes to 2

    5 dives down to ball side block

    4 flare screens for 1

    3 cuts down to block

  • 2 passes to 1 off the flare screen

    If 1 doesn't have shot;

    3 cross-screens for 5

    5 looks to post up

  • 1 dribbles down towards wing

    5 looks to post up

    4 down screens for 3