Twin Zipper Flare - FastModel Sports

Published 11/08/2013 by Adam Spinella Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

The Portland TrailBlazers ran Twin Zipper Flare last season, and again this season, to get their shooters open looks off a flare screen. The action serves as a misdirection by swinging to one side of the floor, then reversing back to the original side once it empties.

  • Basketball Play - Twin Zipper Flare
  • Basketball Play - Twin Zipper Flare
  • 1 dribbles 2 through to zipper, then hits him

  • 1 clears thru to the opposite corner. 5 sets a pindown for 3, who gets the pass from 2. 4 then flares 2 to the open wing for the catch and shoot.