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About This Play/Drill

This is an end-of-game inbounds play that is similar to the one run by Duke against Kentucky in the 1992 NCAA Tournament.

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  • Basketball Play - Laettner
  • Basketball Play - Laettner
  • Basketball Play - Laettner

Frame 1
#2 starts to the ball and cuts to the basket.
#5 flashes to the top of the key.
#4 sets a down screen for #1 and #1 cuts to the ball.  #4 will slip to the basket.

#3 throws the inbounds pass in to either #5 or #1.  If #1 catches, he must take the half-court shot.

Frame 2
When #5 catches the inbounds pass, he has three options:

  1. Turn and shoot.
  2. Dump the ball off of #4 for a lay-up.
  3. Pass the ball to #2 for the three-point shot.