Horns Backscreen - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

In the Bucks-Celtics game on 11-1, the Bucks ran a double backscreen for Larry Sanders out of Horns to try to get him a lob. The play was run out of the Horns formation and flowed naturally into a four-out set with a screen-the-screener action.

  • Basketball Play - Horns Backscreen
  • Basketball Play - Horns Backscreen
  • 4 (Ilyasova) sets a ballscreen for 1 (Wolters). 2 (Neal) and 3 (Antetokounmpo) converge in the lane and set a double backscreen for 5 (Sanders).

  • If no lob, 4 sets a downscreen for the smaller guard (2) as the other spaces to the wing opposite the ball. 1 continues to look to 5 in the post.