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BLOG & PLAYBOOK - Chino Hills Huskies: The Scheme Behind the Ball Brothers

In this embedded video and diagram we look at the BLOB system of the 35-0, state championship Chino Hills team of 2015-16. If you're looking for tricky sets, this isn't it. Chino Hills kept it very simple, but got a lot of mileage out of these simple concepts.

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  • Basketball Play - Chino Hills '15-16: BLOB Package
  • Basketball Play - Chino Hills '15-16: BLOB Package
  • Basketball Play - Chino Hills '15-16: BLOB Package
  • Chino Hills mastered scoring against unprepared BLOB defenses. Often times, it was a direct entry from Lonzo to LiAngelo when the defense wasn't paying attention or was out of position. And don't forget about LaMelo. If he was open on the three-point line, Lonzo would fire the ball directly to him for for a shot.

  • If Chino Hills couldn't get the direct entry, they went into a cross screen and seal action, usually trying to jam the ball into LiAngelo under the basket.

  • Sometimes Lonzo would get a duck in after inbounding. He was a 6-6 point guard so he usually had a size advantage over his defender, and also an athleticism advantage.