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About This Play/Drill

We used a 5 Out pass and cut offense which set up this play perfectly. When the designated shooter got to the top of the key we double-flared the back side and dribbled at the flare screens. We used a numbering system for our personnel - the point guard was the 1, shooting guard was the 2, etc. So I would call "Special 2" to indicate we were running the flare screens for the shooting guard in our system. Video clip below.

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  • Basketball Play - 5 Out Double Flare "Special"
  • Basketball Play - 5 Out Double Flare "Special"
  • "Special"

    We indicate who the play is by our position numbering system (example: Special 4 is Special for the 4-man). We start in 5 out motion and pass and cut until the shooter comes to the top

  • Once the shooter is at the top, the backside players will set a double flair screen for the shooter. The passer must dribble at the screens to shorten the pass. The shooter can pass to either side to execute the play and should consider who he is passing to (We wouldn't want a non-ball handler making the set-up pass). The shooter should fake the backdoor cut before using the flair. Slipping the flair is a great way to attack a switching defense.