3-Out Dribble Drive "Spread" - FastModel Sports

Published 12/12/2021 by Matt Hackenberg Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This is a very simple concept out of a 3-2 alignment. We simply pass to the wing and cut underneath of the ball. This creates a gap to drive. We want to drive the gap to score or draw the defense to kick.

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  • Basketball Play - 3-Out Dribble Drive "Spread"
  • Basketball Play - 3-Out Dribble Drive "Spread"
  • "Spread"

    Dribble drive precursor. the wings work to get open on the three-point line (enter to either side) so they can use the jab series on the catch. 1 loops underneath the wing to halfway between the wing and corner. 2 must wait for 1 to clear before driving middle. We want to drive middle to score or to draw help to kick.

  • 2 looks to drive and dish to the weak side or to the baseline. On a kick to the wing 3 should look to shoot or drive middle as 2 fills underneath.