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About This Play/Drill

Our semi-structured break off opponent misses has become one of the calling cards of our program. Through drilling, we've trained the players to rebound, pivot their shoulders up the court and make outlet passes leading to advantage situations for our team. As an undersized team, we view this as a defense against teams crashing the offensive boards hard.

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  • Basketball Play - "FIRE" Transition (on a Miss/TO)
  • Basketball Play - "FIRE" Transition (on a Miss/TO)
  • Basketball Play - "FIRE" Transition (on a Miss/TO)
  • Long Outlet

    We rebound first, then run! Our primary option off of a rebound or turnover is to pivot towards our basket and pitch ahead to to the rim or rail. The rebounder must first pivot to pass up the side line before he dribbles


    2/3 SPRINT the closest rail. The first big is the rim runner (1-25) and the second big is the trailer (trails by 2-3 steps looking for a pinch three).


    Only long rebounds should be dribbled "Be your own outlet". Or the ball can be dribbled after the rail and outlet box have been exhausted.


    If the rebounder is able to outlet to a side line, he will follow the pass and fill the wing or trailer. If a pass is received up the sideline around half court they should "get middle" with change of direction move. We are looking to create "Diamond Spacing"

  • Short Outlet

    If the pitch ahead isn't available, we now look to the outlet box for 1. If 1 is denied, the outletter will pass fake telling the 1 to banana cut to the middle of the court. Do not outlet in the "Dead Zone"

  • Wing "Push Corner"

    If both wings fill the same wing, the trailing wing should tell the first wing to "push corner," indicating he will fill the wing and the player ahead of him should go corner.