5 Out "Backdoor" Dribble Drive - FastModel Sports

Published 12/10/2021 by Matt Hackenberg Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

We modify our dribble drive attack from 4 Out to 5 Out and use passing and cutting to create double gaps to drive. This action works best against pressure man defense and allows for tempo control by the offense. I love the offense from a developmental standpoint, teaching cutting, catching, passing and pivoting.

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  • Basketball Play - 5 Out "Backdoor" Dribble Drive
  • Basketball Play - 5 Out "Backdoor" Dribble Drive
  • "Backdoor" High and Wide

    4 corners spacing. 1 passes and cuts through HARD. 3 and 5 fill maintaining the 4 corners spacing. When coming to the ball we need to either plant our inside foot and pop out to receive a pass or plant outside foot for a backdoor cut. Pass away from the defender rather than to a teammate. Pass receivers show a hand and catch on 2 feet

  • 1 fills the open spot on the perimeter. 3 comes to the ball and will go backdoor if he is overplayed. DO NOT fight defenders to cut over the top - just go backdoor behind the defender. We need to be prepared to use our dribble to break a 5 count AND come to the ball if the offensive player is stuck. We are looking for space to penetrate and kick or back door cuts