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About This Play/Drill

In this diagram and embedded video we look at one of our staple drills to improve our team rebounding, with both offensive and defensive rebounds. We discuss the setup of the drill, and touch on the technique we teach our players regarding rebounding. The best offensive rebounding team I’ve coached got 42% of of the available defensive rebounds, and this drill lays the foundation to control the glass.

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  • Basketball Play - Koufos Rebounding Drill

Teams of the 5 players, one team on offense (in 5 spots around the arc) and the other on defense, matched up to the offense with a foot in the paint. Coach starts with the ball perimeter to shoot and create rebounds. Live five on five drill. One player on the outside raises his hand to signify he will not be crashing, so the it's 4 on 5 with an advantage to the defense. Whichever team doesn't get the rebound runs a down and back in 10 seconds. If they don't get back before the horn, they have to do push-ups.