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About This Play/Drill

In this diagram and embedded video we look at my favorite drill of all time. It is the main drill we use to teach ball security. How to play the game is outlined in the video, but it has remained the primary teaching tool for fundamentals in every season I have been a head coach.

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  • Basketball Play - 5 Pass Deny Drill

Five on five drill with the ball starting in the half court circle.

Offense - Has 1 dribble per pass completion and needs to complete 5 passes or score a lay-up. Screening and cutting are permitted.

Defense - Complete denial with their job being to not let the offense complete five passes. There is no fouls and they are encouraged to hold and grab to promote toughness.

Scoring - Completing 5 passes or scoring gets a point. Teams can only score on offense. A turnover or missed shot gives the ball to the other team. Pivoting on the wrong foot is a turnover. No offensive rebounds - one shot and out. 3 points wins and losers run.