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About This Play/Drill

In this diagram and embedded video we take a look at a drill to emphasize some of the smaller details of individual and team defense. This can’t replace your shell drill, as I am a firm believer that the shell drill is the best baseline teacher for team defense. But this drill is a great way to brush up on techniques used on the defensive end. We used it usually once every two weeks or so as a change up.

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  • Basketball Play - Gauntlet Defense Drill
  • Basketball Play - Gauntlet Defense Drill
  • Basketball Play - Gauntlet Defense Drill
  • One defender is in the gauntlet on defense. One offensive player is paired with the defender. One coach is a passer and two teammates play are dummy screeners and cutters. One ball for the drill. The defender pressures the ball in the open court within the boundaries until the offense passes from the jump ball circle to a coach on the wing. The defender must jump to the ball (no face cut) and defend the UCLA cut into a 3/4 post front.

  • The offense low cross screens and the defender has to keep vision of the ball and man, then bump the cutter coming across the lane. The offense fills out to the wing and the defense sits on the help line, not chasing to the back side. The coach then skips the pass to the weak side and the defense has to close out into arm's length ball pressure.

  • The offense then skips the ball back to the coach on the other wing and the defense has to sprint to help position. The offense then tries to face cut the defense and the defense must bust the cut. Once the cut is busted, the ball is passed to the offense popping toward half court. The drill finishes up live 1 on 1. Every player must get a stop in the gauntlet on defense.