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About This Play/Drill

In today’s diagram and embedded video we look at a zone offense scheme we called “Gaps.” We simply aligned in a 1-3-1 and used concepts to attack zone defense. We used this as our base zone offense, meaning when we saw zone, we automatically went to this concept unless I overrode it with another call. The concpet is very simple, and the details of execution are what's going to make or break the success of this concept. I liked to use this, and pair it with a set package of 4-5 plays as our zone offense playbook.

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  • Basketball Play - "Gaps" Conceptual Zone Offense
  • Basketball Play - "Gaps" Conceptual Zone Offense
  • Basketball Play - "Gaps" Conceptual Zone Offense
  • Basketball Play - "Gaps" Conceptual Zone Offense
  • "13" Zone Offense to Attack 2-3 and 3-2

    Stationary baseline/middle attack. Use passing, ball fakes, spacing, skip passes and gap dribbles to attack the zone. Try to create perfect triangles between two defenders when one pass away. Find the soft spots in the middle of the zone and seal out. Play behind the zone with quick swings to hit the short corner. High post will dive on a baseline touch. On a baseline catch, look for a baseline finish, middle dive, or skip pass. I like having the best player or best passer in the middle.

  • 5 wants to find the soft spot in the zone (the location that stretches the defenders to cover out of their area) and show their hands. The soft spot is not a static location and depends on the positioning of the defenders in the area, but can commonly be found near the first hash down from the elbow when the ball is at the wing. When a defender matches to him, he needs to seal out to occupy the defender and create a passing window to fit a pass into.

  • Gap dribbles distort the zone and engage two defenders. If possible split a gap using a power jump stop. "Fill the gaps" off the ball with micro adjustments (3) to maintain the triangle spacing. Also use back dribbles to pinch defenders and play off the micro adjustments. Look for opportunities to "Gap-Kick-Swing"

  • On a middle pass, we want to look down to the baseline or "fan it" out to the other side. The entry passer to the high post should relocate. 4 must flash to the rim on a middle catch. We are overloading the baseline