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Published 12/02/2021 by Matt Hackenberg Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This diagram/video looks at a continuity action to run against zone defense. Every season we had a "base zone offense," meaning when we saw zone, we were automatically in that zone concept unless the play call was overridden by myself. This is a great option for a base zone offense. It has some movement, and is simple and effective. We cut a player from the back side into the middle of the zone looking for a penetrating pass into the zone. The player exiting from the middle to top tends to suck the guards out, leaving the middle more open. The embedded video shows the concept in more depth.

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  • Basketball Play - Triangle Continuity Zone Offense

On the point to wing pass, the triangle cutting sequence takes place. The post player on the baseline is free to roam, being on the strong side or weak side, and on the block or in the short corner