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Published 03/22/2021 by Andrew Lacey Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

As I was watching the WBB NCAA Tourney, the UConn women started the game with a lot of offensive movement and cutters. This action is especially effective because it puts pressure on the rim through cutters and still allows for an outside shot opportunity.  

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  • Basketball Play - UConn Huskies WBB - Cutters
  • Basketball Play - UConn Huskies WBB - Cutters
  • Basketball Play - UConn Huskies WBB - Cutters
  • (1) Dribbles towards (3) on the wing and executes a dribble hand-off/toss pass action.


    (3) receives the hand-off and takes 2-3 dribbles towards middle/top of key, before passing to (2).


    (4) makes a basket cut and finishes the cut in the right corner.


    (2) relocates off of (4) cut to the Free Throw line extended area to receive a pass from (3)


    (5) starts in High Post Area closer to the right elbow.

  • (3) will cut off of the back-screen set by (5).


    (5) will step out after setting the screen and receive a pass from (2).

  • (2) will set a pin-down screen for (4) who is standing in the corner.


    (4) will start to use the screen before cutting back-door.


    (2) will step back out to the perimeter after setting the screen.


    As that is happening...


    (1) will set a pin-down for (3) to cut off as (3) returns back to the Free Throw line extended wing area.


    (5) Will check backdoor first then for (3) popping.