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About This Play/Drill

This play is from the 2010-2011 Houston Rockets season. This play is best for teams with a passing big. With this play spacing is crucial. If you drill your point guard on selling the pin down and slipping properly you will get easy lay ups out of this set.

  • Basketball Play - Post Dive with Hand Off
  • Basketball Play - Post Dive with Hand Off
  • 1. 1 dribbles down and passes to 4 at the elbow. 5 starts to clear out towards the short corner.

    2. 1 sprints to set 2 a pin down. 1 slips the pin down and cuts to the basket.

    Option 1 - 4 passes to 1 for a lay up off of the slipped pin down.

    3. 2 lifts up to the wing.

  • 1. 5 ducks in to the center of the rim as 1 cuts to the wing and 3 cuts to the corner.

    Option 2 - 4 passes to 5 posting up.

    2. 2 cuts towards 4 for a hand off.

    Option 3 - 2 creates his own shot off of the hand off from 4.