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About This Play/Drill

This Post Up, from our friends at CoachingU, is a Chicago Bulls quick hitter. Quickly add this to your FastDraw Library by clicking the 'Send to FastDraw' button below, then go sign up for the CoachingU Live Newsletter so you don't miss another issue!

  • Basketball Play - Post Up: BULLS 15 PnR
  • Basketball Play - Post Up: BULLS 15 PnR
  • Frame 1 -  Boozer (5) sets high screen for Rose (1). 15 action. Hawks switch and Rose (1) resets. Deng (3) cuts through to opposite corner. Asik (4) cuts over to right block.

  • Frame 2 - Boozer (5) drops down to left block. Bulls get into 1-4 low set with Rose (1) isolated at the top of the key. Rose attacks the mismatch and scores.