Down - FastModel Sports

Published 05/02/2020 by Andrew Lacey Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Today's Fastdraw Play of Day is a sideline out of bounds set that can be used after a timeout and/or late game situations. Use this simple action with great timing and spacing to get a late game high percentage shoot. 

  • Basketball Play - Down
  • Basketball Play - Down
  • 4 sets a downscreen for 2 and then sprints to the corner. 2 comes off downscreen and receives pass from 1. 5 fakes the downscreen and steps back out.

  • 4 slides up the wing and 1 sprints to the corner. 5 sets a ball screen on 2. 2 turns the corner on the ball screen. 5 rolls to the front of the rim as 3 comes up the wing.