Lost - FastModel Sports

Published 01/31/2020 by Dymetrius Ware Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Lost is a simple play for an athletic big or wing, with 3 option.  The first is a diret pass to the cutter , the second a lop to the 5, and  a 3pt shot for an open 2. 

  • Basketball Play - Lost

The 1 or your best passer will take the ball out. On the call, the 4 will down screen for the 3,who will curl hard off the screen to the ball. the 2 will now set a back screen for the 5. The 5 will cut hard to the basket, looking for a direct pass from the 1. The 2 will role, to the top of the elbow. Who is the 3rd option for the 1.