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About This Play/Drill

Today's FastDraw Drill of the Day is Seamless.

  • Basketball Play - Seamless Drill
  • Basketball Play - Seamless Drill
  • Starting Action: 4 on 4 (5th player is waiting out of bounds). On a make, the offense takes it out of bounds in transition. On a miss, the offense (yep, offense) takes the rebound and goes down the floor in transition. The 5th player joins them on this trip.


    You can change the rules. Try 4 on 4 with no dribbles. Or, 4 on 4 where the offense must get a post entry. How about 4 on 4 and the offense has to score off a Back Screen, or a Pin & Skip? It’s completely up to you and what actions you want to emphasize.


    Trip 2: 5 on 0 and the transitioning team must score on the coach’s command (Safety Valve, Post Entry, Double Staggered, etc.). Again, the scoring action can be adjusted to your team’s needs.

  • Trip 3: 5 on 5 live. After scoring on Trip 2, the team comes back against a live defense. And, you guessed it, that defense can be anything: zone, man, trapping, press, whatever. Geeze, this drill is versatile.


    After Trip 3 is up to you. You could have another defense waiting on a Trip 4 or you could switch offense to defense. All of that depends on your number of players and your practice goals.