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About This Play/Drill

Wing ball screens can be difficult to guard especially verse teams that run them frequently in their sets or run pick & roll motion. We went to icing wing ball screens to limit their effectiveness.

Benefits of this defensive strategy:

1) You keep the ball on the wing, shrink the court and make the ball handler play in a crowd.

2) There are not many guards that excel at the off the dribble mid-range pull up.

3) With the rise in analytics more and more coaches discourage the mid range pull up.

4) The forward/center is limited to mid-range jumpers and threes.

5) Although the three-ball is shot at an increasing clip, there are not many centers that we face that will shoot a high percentage from three. We are ok with the other team's center taking contested threes and mid-range jumpers. In fact most of the centers we face don't shoot them at all or are reluctant. 

6) Limiting the shot options to contested threes and mid-range jumpers by the ball handler and forward, the other players that are accustomed to getting kick out threes aren't in rhythm when they finally get touches. 

7) Not many teams know how to counter icing wing ball screens. So some coaches will just stop running plays that have wing on ball screens because you can blow up an entire play and stagnate their offense by not letting the wing ball screen happen. 

See video below for examples.

  • Basketball Play - Icing Wing Ball Screens (ICE)
  • Basketball Play - Icing Wing Ball Screens (ICE)
  • Basketball Play - Icing Wing Ball Screens (ICE)
  • Basketball Play - Icing Wing Ball Screens (ICE)

    The wing pick and roll is one of the hardest pick and rolls to defend if the ball is allowed to get to the middle of the court and get down hill to the basket. Our goal will be to not allow the guard to use the screen which will take away the effectiveness of the play.

  • - As 5 sprints out to set the wing ball screen x5 sprints out under 5 and yells out ICE!!!!


    - When x1 hears ICE she will get to 1's outside shoulder with her back to the screener.


    NOTE: x1's top foot must be higher than 1's top foot.

  • - x5 drops underneath 1 to help x1 corral the ball.


    - x1's positioning is key once 5 is in position for the screen. x1 must have her back to 5 and have her foot higher than 1's top foot. This positioning will allow x1 to make 1 turn down the screen and keep her on the wing or send her towards half court.

    If 1 dribbles toward the middle of the court x1 being on the topside of 5's screen will allow her to get over the top and not get screened. If x1 isn't screened 1 can be contained and not allowed to get down hill.


    - x5 stays underneath 1 until x1 gets back in front of 1.

  • - Once x1 is back in front of the ball she says I'M BACK!! x5 retreats back to the key or perimeter to guard 5 who will either roll to the rim or pop to the elbow area.


    - Weak side defenders x4 and x3 are in position to help on 5's slip or 1 if she gets loose on the wing to the basket.