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About This Play/Drill

This is a play from the Dallas Mavericks' playbook. Obviously they've got a 4 that can shoot it, but personnel can be adjusted based on who you want getting the basketball. In any case, the action pulls the bigs away from the basket and clears out the weak side of the floor, giving your 4 the option to shoot or drive to the rim.

  • Basketball Play - Maverick Flare
  • Basketball Play - Maverick Flare
  • 1) 4 and 5 set a staggered ball screen for 1.

    2) 1 dribbles off the screens and passes to 2 on the wing.

  • 3) 1 follows his pass and sets a ball screen for 2, while 5 steps back to set the flare screen for 4.

    4) 2 dribbles off 1's ball screen and looks for 4 on the opposite wing. 4 looks to catch & shoot or penetrate.

Note that in this clip, taken from the 2011 Finals, the Heat are able to rotate through to stop Dirk on the catch. However, watch Chalmers (15) and James (6) get mixed up on the ball screen for Jason Kidd, leaving him wide open for the 3.