Toronto Raptors - 4 Flip - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

During Pascal Siakam's breakout season in 2018-19 as the Most Improved Player, Nick Nurse has dedicated several set-plays to leverage Siakam's unique skill set. With the Point Guard dribbling on the right wing and crossing into the middle of the floor, "4 Flip" is a pet play for Pascal Siakam to leverage his strong driving ability going to his right when the ball is flipped to him as he cross half court. 

  • Basketball Play - Toronto Raptors - 4 Flip
  • Basketball Play - Toronto Raptors - 4 Flip
  • 1 dribbles from the right wing to the middle of the floor. 1 flips the ball to 4. 4 drives going to their right.
  • 4 can flip the ball to 3. 3 can attack or pass to 1. 5 will set a step-up ball screen for 1.