Gonzaga Bulldogs - 14 Ghost - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Gonzaga executes a common NBA tactice of a step up "Ghost Screen". The 4 sprints to his screen then slips to space behind the three point line. Gonzaga uses the cross screens from the wings as a wing to keep help defense out of the action. 

  • Basketball Play - Gonzaga Bulldogs - 14 Ghost
  • Basketball Play - Gonzaga Bulldogs - 14 Ghost
  • Entry:

    A. 2/3 Cross Screen and Exchange Wings

    B. 5 Screens and then Seals

    C. 4 Cuts to Set Up his Ball Screen

  • Ghost Screen:

    A. 4 Sprints into a Ball Screen

    B. 4 Slips the Ball Screen Quickly to get into Space

    C. 1 Delivers the pass