Auburn Tigers - Cross Swing - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Auburn uses its athleticism to spread teams out and attack double gaps off the dribble. Here they use the DHO and Swing Pass to get the point guard the basketball in space. The wing ball screen and subsequent spacing off the ball create a nice gap for the point guard to attack. See video below.


  • Basketball Play - Auburn Tigers - Cross Swing
  • Basketball Play - Auburn Tigers - Cross Swing
  • DHO, Cross Swing Action:

    A. Slot to Wing DHO

    B. 3 & 1 Cross to Opposite Wings

    C. Swing Pass from 2 to 4

  • Wing Ball Screen:

    A. 4 Passes Down & Sets the Wing Ball Screen

    B. 5 Clears to Ball Side Short Corner

    C. 2/3 Exchange Backside to occupy help


    1 Attacks the Gap Space.