Atlanta Hawks - 24 PNR Trail - FastModel Sports

Published 03/24/2019 by Matt Barnthouse Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This is an interesting set by the Hawks. Definitely takes advantage of having 4 players that on the floor that can shoot. Allows Kevin Huerter (2) and Dewayne Dedmon (5) to operate in a pick and roll with adequate spacing all around.

What I like about this is the timing involved. When Dedmon recognized Huerter had his man beat, he waited a about a quarter of a second to roll so that Huerter could have an opportunity at clean look at rim, while still being there as a trailer should the defense overhelp.

This is a lot harder to run if your team does not have 4 players that are threats to shoot, because there is less spacing if they are able to gap the 4, making it more difficult to get to the rim, even if the ball handler beats his man! 

  • Basketball Play - Atlanta Hawks - 24 PNR Trail
  • Basketball Play - Atlanta Hawks - 24 PNR Trail
  • - 4 moves to corner

    - 5 moves to top of key

    - 2 moves about 4 steps above left-center three point line

    - 1 passes to 2

  • - 1 cuts after passing (spacing)

    - 2 uses 5 screen to drive to hoop

    - 5 TRAILS the 2 to give room at the hoop, while providing outlet chance should D overhelp