Belmont Bruins - Chin Clear - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Late Game set run by Belmont in their first round NCAA Tournment game vs Maryland. 

NCAA Tournament - Style of Play Viewing Guide

  • Basketball Play - Belmont Bruins - Chin Clear
  • Basketball Play - Belmont Bruins - Chin Clear
  • Wing Entry, Clear:

    A. 4 Down Screens for 2 to get the Wing Entry

    B. Following the Down Screen 4 Clears Opposite

    C. 5 Begins Back Screen, Ball Screen Action

  • Pick & Pop:

    A. 5 Sets the Wing Ball Screen, then Slips to the Wing

    B. 2 Uses the Ball Screen

    C. 3 and 1 Establish Sideline Spacing on Backside