Zipper 2014 - FastModel Sports

Published 07/13/2014 by Sebastian Wild Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This is a great set, run in variations by numerous NBA Teams, if you are looking to exploid an overly agressive defense with multiple ball-screen/dribble hand-off actions within a short amount of time. It is set up by a "zipper" action and features scoring options for all 5 players on the court. This has been our go-to play last season, as it allows you to get multiple chances a high percentage shot off of movement, while being very simplistic and easy to install.

  • Basketball Play - Zipper 2014
  • Basketball Play - Zipper 2014
  • Basketball Play - Zipper 2014
  • PG drives toward 5s side


    hard back door cut from 2


    5 set a hard pin-down for 2

  • PG is looking for 5 (on the post up) or 2


    2 the ball goes to 2 - 4 SPRINTS into a ball screen with2


    2 is coming of the ball screen looking to score


    4 must roll - 2 looks inside or runs dribble hand off with 3

    3 comes off of it and receives sprint screen from 5 (roll- replace action with 4)


    1 spaces to corner