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About This Play/Drill

These are a series of secondary break plays from a series that can be run differently with modifying tags.

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  • Basketball Play - Dive Series

Entry into set play in series:

#1 dribbles at #4 who makes a basket cut. #1 will try to pass to him on the bounce. If this does not work, we will then run the play called from the "Dive" Series.  In secondary break, this can be run either by #1 passing ahead to #2 and getting the ball back or by #1 having no pass to #2.


"Dive Fist"

#1 passes to #3 who receives a side ball screen from #5. #1 will spot up at the slot on the side opposite the action and #2 will spot up in the corner opposite the ball screen. #4 looks for a duck-in from the help-side block.


Dive Post

#1 passes to #3 at the wing. #5 flashes to the high post on the same side as #3 and #4 finishes his cut to the basket before posting up low.


Typically, we will only run this variation of "Dive" against a team that runs a zone defense against us.


Dive Spin

#1 reverse dribbles and passes to #2. #4 continues through to post up while #5 clears to the high post opposite #2. #2 looks to hit #4 for a possible post-up in the low post.


Dive Hold (Part 1)

#1 dribbles to replace #3 as he cuts backdoor and posts up. #1 will look to hit #3 on the backdoor or on the post up.


Dive Hold (Part 2)

#3 posts up and looks to get the entry pass from #1. #2 will execute a fill-and-replace cut to the top of the key.


Dive Hold (Part 3)

On the reversal back to #2, #3 will come off of a double down screen set by #'s 4 and 5 and get out to the three point line for an open shot. Once #3 clears the screen, #4 will go to the opposite block.


#3 can either shoot or look to feed the post.