Flash Gap - FastModel Sports

Published 09/03/2013 by Dana Beszczynski Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

The Michigan Wolverines used this set against the Louisville Cardinals in the NCAA Championship game.

The set incorporates a lot of cuts and rub screens to free players for possible shots.

What makes this so efffective is the "reads" the Wolverines make in order to get the shots they want against the match-up zone of the Cardinals.

  • Basketball Play - Flash Gap
  • Basketball Play - Flash Gap
  • Michigan Set Play vs 2-3 Zone


    1 passes to 2 lifting off the wing and cuts to the ball side to replace


    5 flashes high and sets a "rub" screen for 3 who cuts over the top into the lane looking for a quick pass from 2


    5 after setting the "rub" screen pops out behind the 3 pt line and receives the pass from 2

  • Michigan Set Play vs 2-3 Zone


    5 passes to 4 who is lifting out of the corner and then sets a screen on x2


    3 moves up to set a rub screen on x1 for 2 who uses the screen to cut thru the lane to the ball side corner


    5 slips off the screen and receives a pass from 3 who has now received the reverse pass back from 4 on the wing


    5 is open in the lane due to the good movement for an open jumper