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About This Play/Drill

This version of the Iba Drill is designed for post players to take charges, dive on the floor after loose balls, and score in the low post against contact.  For more, check out www.coachpeelbasketball.com, sign up for a membership, and get your first 30 days free.

  • Basketball Play - Iba Drill - Post Players

Frame 1
The drill begins with the coach making a pass to #1 at the wing who will then drive to the basket. X1, starting even with the low blocks in the middle of the lane, will step out and take a charge.


Frame 2
Once X1 has taken the charge, #1 will pass the ball out to the coach at the point who will then roll the ball to the opposite elbow. X1 must dive on the floor for the ball to make a successful recovery.


Frame 3
As soon as X1 recovers the loose ball, he will pass it to the coach, get up and post up on that same side. The coach will dribble to the wing where the ball was recovered and makes the post-entry with a bounce pass. X1 will have to score against a manager who is using a blocking shield to create the illusion of contact. The coach can specify which hand the big man must use to score the ball if desired.