Nail Drive & Kick 1v1 - FastModel Sports

Published 08/17/2018 by Michael Shaughnessy Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed
  • Basketball Play - Nail Drive & Kick 1v1

Drill Description

- Player 1 starts stationary from the slot (elbow extended) with a live dribble.

- Player 1 initiates the drill by driving towards the nail.

- Once player 1 attacks the nail, player x2 has to stunt before closing out to player 3 on the wing.

- Player 1 will attack the nail and then pass to 3 on the wing.

- Once player 3 receives the pass, it is live 1v1 against player x2.

- Player on offense has a 3 dribble maximum.

- If you score, stay on offense. If you get a stop, defense goes to offense and the passer (player 1 in this instance) goes to defense.