21 Token / Live - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This is a drill from the Billy Donovan Skill Development blog article.

  • Basketball Play - 21 Token / Live

"21 Token"= Offensive Player stays on versus token defense (coaches/managers/walk-ons) until he gets 21 points. 3-pointer=3, jumper=2, lay-up=1. Player must run and touch the charge circle between each rep and cannot pop to the same spot on the floor 2 times in a row.


"21 Live"= Best with a group of 4, defense is live. One a score, offense runs and touches the charge circle before popping back against a new defensive player (Offense must change sides of the floor from where they scored previously). On a miss, the defense runs to touch the charge circle as a new defense comes on (Offensive players goes to end of line). Play with a 3 dribble max.