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Published 07/15/2013 by Randall Edens Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Today's Entry is a Baseline Out of Bounds series of plays using 'Letter's' to not only communicate the play, but help with set up as well.  Furthermore, we incorporate sign language here to disguise but to also teach our players a life long skill that is effective for play thieves who watch a lot of film.  Plus, we have found it helps with our players focus in these situations believe or not so ENJOY.

Frame 1 + 2 = " L " , Frame 3 + 4 = " O ", and Frame 5 + 6 = " I "

I released a Stack series a few days ago... more BLOB's to come.  Follow me @CoachEdens if you have any questions and I will be glad to help.

  • Basketball Play - L, O, I
  • Basketball Play - L, O, I
  • Basketball Play - L, O, I
  • Basketball Play - L, O, I
  • Basketball Play - L, O, I
  • Basketball Play - L, O, I
  • "L" - Looks like an L on the floor. We 'use' sign language to share and help with set up as well. Simple Man BLOB that could be adapted to Zone.


    1 Says "GO", 2 sprints Ball Side Corner, while 3 releases to the top. 4 waits for 5's screen and a "switch" for 5 to roll down the lane line for a bucket.

  • 1 passes to 5 for a score...or may pass to 2 and step in for a 'pass back' corner 3.


  • "O" - Sets up like an O on the floor and again we use sign language to share amd remind of set up. Man BLOB with Zone potential.


    1 Says "GO". 2 sprints to opposite corner, as 3 sprints ball side when 2 passes by.

  • Once 3 races by 4, 4 sets a flat screen for 5 to choose which side they would like to cut to the basket.


    4 reads this and cuts to the opposite block themselves...most if not all teams will switch this leaving a wide open cut to the hoop for a score.


    2 and 3 can help this by dragging defenders up after their initial cuts.

  • " I " - Sets up like an I on the floor and, yes, we use sign language here too. Great Zone BLOB I picked up from my son's 5th grade AAU squad. Quick Hit for 4 everytime.


    Set Up CRITICAL. 5 and 3 face 4 and 2. 4 and 2 face x1. When 1 Says "GO", 5 pins x5 while 3 races ball side corner.

  • x4 should chase 3 otherwise a wide open 3, perhaps 2 is open if x2 follows 3, but HERE 4 explodes to block once 2 heads to the ball side wing and sees 5 pinning the middle defender.


    4 should have a great shot, or if ball goes to 3...they could drag dribble and 1 steps in for a kick back and a 3 point attempt.