Wing ISO Post Curl - FastModel Sports

Published 07/20/2013 by Adam Spinella Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This was a play I saw the Pacers run against the Miami Heat in Game Three of the Eastern Conference Finals. It got Roy Hibbert a wide open shot near the rim, but before that action took place, Paul George started to back down his man in the post on an empty side, indicating an isolation option for George. Coach Frank Vogel drew up a great play here to get his two best offensive players good looks in the same action.

  • Basketball Play - Wing ISO Post Curl
  • Basketball Play - Wing ISO Post Curl
  • Basketball Play - Wing ISO Post Curl
  • George Hill (1) hits Hibbert (5) in the high post, then Hibbert passes from FT Line extended to FT Line extended over to Hansbrough (4).

  • 3 (Paul George) and 2 (Stephenson) rub off each other. George cuts through to the ball-side wing for an ISO option. Hibbert dives to the traffic.

  • If George doesn't back down in the post, Hill wheels through to the ball-side corner. Hansbrough comes off his heels to set a pin on x5, and Hibbert curls for a layup or hook shot.