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About This Play/Drill

This Sideline out of Bounds play was run by the Utah Jazz under the leadership of Jerry Sloan. Sloan used a handoff/ downscreen curl simultaneously to get the ball into a cutting big man, who would usually get to the free throw line as a result of this play. There are many options for a layup or a shot in a very brief amount of action; all around one of the better side-out plays I've seen.

  • Basketball Play - Utah Handoff Curl-Slip
  • Basketball Play - Utah Handoff Curl-Slip
  • 5 (Okur) raises to catch the inbound from 1 (Williams). 2 (Giricek) sets a back-screen for Deron Williams to cut towards the rim. If this backdoor option is there, take it.

  • Okur and Giricek engage in a dribble handoff. At the same time, Boozer (4) sets a downscreen on the opposite side for Kirilenko (3). Kirilenko curls the screen and hits a ping-pong pass to a slipping Okur at the rim. If Kirilenko is guarded well, Giricek can slip the pass directly to Okur, or drag it out and reset offense.