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About This Play/Drill

This is a play I saw the Chicago Bulls run in the 1998 Playoffs, particularly in their series against the Charlotte Hornets. The idea was to get Jordan the ball and have him dictate where to isolate if he wanted to, but also keep spacing for the weak-side triangle.

  • Basketball Play - 98 Bulls Side Ball Slip
  • Basketball Play - 98 Bulls Side Ball Slip
  • Jordan (2) pops to corner for entry. Kukoc (4) sets a backscreen for Ron Harper (1), who clears to the opposite corner.

  • Kukoc sets side ball screen for Jordan and slips to the corner for a three pointer. Jordan can keep the ball and iso on the wing off the screen as well. Pippen (3) will read the play and give Michael space to operate, but can cut backdoor and look for a lob from MJ.