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About This Play/Drill

The Knicks ran this play in the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Pacers at the end of a quarter. The play was designed to get a J.R. Smith and Carmelo Anthony ballscreen in space. The play was probably designed for Carmelo to pop off the screen and isolate on the wing; instead Chandler was wide open at the rim and Melo hit him for an alley oop.

  • Basketball Play - Knicks Triple Flat
  • Basketball Play - Knicks Triple Flat
  • 1 (Felton) starts up top and dribbles at J.R. Smith (3). He pitches the ball to 3 and then joins Carmelo (4) and Chandler (5) in a three-man flat set along the FT Line

  • Melo curls around Chandler into a side ball screen for Smith. Felton then curls around Chandler to the wing, where he spaces. Chandler rolls to the rim and looks for an alley oop off the pick and pop action for Carmelo.