Toronto Raptors - Stack Pick and Roll - FastModel Sports

Published 04/09/2018 by Cooper Smither Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

The Toronto Raptors have followed the league-wide trend of introducing stack pick and rolls into their offensive playbook over the past two seasons. It leverages their best players' top skills, as their backcourt is tremendous in pick and roll scenarios, while Kyle Lowry in particular is a tremendous screener for his size. Dwayne Casey has implimented the use of stack pick and rolls by toying around with how the action is initiated, but has recently settled on going 4 flat along the baseline before lifting the screeners for the high ball screen.

  • Basketball Play - Toronto Raptors - Stack Pick and Roll

1 uses high ball screen from 5.

5 rolls into backscreen set by 3 at nail.

3 pops to perimeter after setting back screen.