Milwaukee Bucks - 21 Mix Fan - FastModel Sports

Published 03/26/2018 by Dave Nedbalek Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Although this set is not enthusiastically run, or defended, it is nontheless a good action. The intitial set up looks like it is going to be your basic dribble handoff into a ball screen action, but instead it is a quick pitch to a flare for a 3pt look, or a slip to the rim. 

Ran with some pace, this could be a really good quick transition action. 

  • Basketball Play - Milwaukee Bucks - 21 Mix Fan
  • Basketball Play - Milwaukee Bucks - 21 Mix Fan
  • Although the Bucks do not run this out of a traditional 21/Pistol setup, they easily could do so.


    Bledsoe (1) goes into a dribble handoff (Mix) with Snell (2). This looks like it will be into a ball screen but instead Snell hits Henson (5) at the lane line extended.


    Middleton's (3) goal is to hit Gianni's (4) man with a flare screen as 5 catches the ball. Timing is key.

  • This option is not hit, but if there is any miscommunication on the flare screen Middleton (3) could slip to the rim wide open.