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About This Play/Drill

With 11:40 left in the 2nd half of their game against Radford, LIU-Brooklyn ran this lob play to try to change the momentum. Entry receiver becomes lob receiver in this simple yet effective back screen lob quick hitter.

  • Basketball Play - LIU-Brooklyn - Handoff Rip Lob
  • Basketball Play - LIU-Brooklyn - Handoff Rip Lob
  • 1 enters ball to a rising 2.

    4 sets a baseline pin screen for 3 who runs baseline to clear weak side of floor.

  • 1 sprints to 2 to take the handoff right back.

    5 sprints to back screen 2's man as 2 runs wide to rim to create an angle.

    1 throws lob to rim for 2.