Heat Elbow Rip - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Heat ran this at 7:45 of Q3 in game 7.  When Chalmers clears to the corner he first runs at Bosh faking the screen.  As this is happening Miller is sprinting into the back screen.  The Spurs switched the pick and pop.  Parker was guarding Miller and on the switch Parker guarded Wade and Manu guarded Miller.  When Miller set the ball screen it was in the middle, but so low the screen was at the nail of the FT line. 

  • Basketball Play - Heat Elbow Rip
  • Basketball Play - Heat Elbow Rip
  • 1 (Chalmers) passes to 2 (Wade)

    1 cuts to the strong side corner

    3 (Miller) back screens 5 (Bosh)

  • 3 pick and pops 2 at the nail

    2 drives and kicks to 1