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About This Play/Drill

This may be the Miami Heat's most successful offensive set outside of the ball screen.  They do a really great job of getting Lebron James a catch right in the middle of the floor.  He can drive, shoot, or wait for the action on the weak side to take place.  The action is a big screen by 5 (Chris Bosh) on 2 (Dwayne Wade) so all three of the Heat's big 3 are involved.  When the 5 man backs off to protect on 2's cut the ball gets passed to Bosh for a shot.  If the 2 doesn't help the ball goes to the back cut for Wade.

  • Basketball Play - Heat FT Line Back Screen
  • Basketball Play - Heat FT Line Back Screen
  • 5 moves down to the block to set a screen for the 3 man. 3 takes his man in and then runs off 5 for the FT line catch.

  • After 3 catches the ball in the middle of the floor 2 gets a back screen from 2 and cuts hard to the basket. 5 then quickly looks for the ball as his man is helping on 2's cut.