Pacer Iverson Curl - FastModel Sports

Published 06/16/2013 by Kevin Bruinsma Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

With so much attention being placed on #24 Paul George the Indiana Pacers used him in every set they ran as either the main option or a decoy.  Here he starts by running an iverson action across the floor to get the defense focused on him.  #21 David West flashes up to the elbow for his catch.  On his catch #24 George runs right around him to the basket.  West has a simple read throw it to George or if his man backs off to protect the pass, shoot the ball.

  • Basketball Play - Pacer Iverson Curl
  • Basketball Play - Pacer Iverson Curl
  • Basketball Play - Pacer Iverson Curl
  • The action starts with 3 running off 5's screen to the opposite wing. 4 moves down to set the screen for 2 to run to the opposite corner.

  • 5 moves to the opposite block as 4 flashes up to get an elbow catch from 1.

  • On 4's catch the 3 man curls around him looking for a handoff or back door pass. The 1 waits his turn and then runs off the 4 to the wing. The 4 reads the 3 for a handoff or pass, if his man backs up to help on this action he has space for his elbow jumper.