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About This Play/Drill

The Wolverines ran a variety of set plays against the Syracuse Zone for high percentage shots

Here is a good play where penetration and a simple out cut leaves the defense withiout coverage on a perimeter shooter

  • Basketball Play - Wolverine Overload
  • Basketball Play - Wolverine Overload
  • Basketball Play - Wolverine Overload
  • 1 (Burke 3) passes to 4 (Robinson III 1) on the wing and receives the pass back


    2 (Levert 23) dives to the middle post area on the wing pass trailing in transition


    1 (Burke 3) passes to 3 (Hardaway Jr. 10) on the weak side wing forcing x3 up to cover the pass


    *Notice off this pass the position of 5 (Horford 15) who is wide open on the baseline as x5 does not react on the pass

  • On the pass to 3 (Hardaway Jr. 10):


    2 (Levert 23) flashes to the ball side elbow and receives a pass


    x3 has dropped down to cover 5 (Horford 15) on the baseline, but x2 did not recover to 3 (Hardaway Jr. 10) before the ball side elbow pass

  • 2 (Levert 23) kicks the ball out to 1 (Burke 3) who puts the ball on the floor and penetrates in behind the out cut from 2 (Levert 23)


    x5 steps up to stop the penetration and 1 (Burke 3) kicks the pass out to 2 (Levert 23) for the wide open 3 pt shot