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About This Play/Drill

The 2013 NCAA National Champion Louisville Cardinals ran this play a ton throughout their NCAA Tournament run.  They utilized #10 Gorgui Dieng's ability to be mobile and make open mid-range jumpers in every single round in the NCAA Tournament.  After running a ball screen at the top of the key and throwing the ball back to the 4 man.  #3 Peyton Siva would come down in the middle of the lane and set the down screen for #10 Dieng.  As this was happening #11 Luke Hancock the Louisville 3 man would move into position to set a baseline screen for #10 Dieng.  He now had the option based on the opponent's defense to come off the Gut screen from #3 Siva or the baseline screen set by #11 Hancock.  In most cases he came off the gut screen and hit an elbow jumper.

  • Basketball Play - Louisville Pick N' Pop Counter
  • Basketball Play - Louisville Pick N' Pop Counter
  • 1 dribbles off the 4's ball screen who pops to the wing looking for his jump shot. 2 and 3 space the floor by getting to the corners. On 1's use of the ball screen 5 moves to the middle of the paint, and 3 takes steps inside the arc.

  • 3 sets a down screen and 1 sets a gut screen for the 5 who has his option of which screen to use. 2 spaces away in the corner. In this clip the 5 man sees his defender over playing the 3's screen and runs off the 1's gut screen for the shot.