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About This Play/Drill

Incredible set by Coach Spo. Has a great floor spacing lineup with 4 shooters plus LeBron. This action has everyone moving and because of their offesnive game they all have to be guarded. This allows LeBron to get open on the left side lane extended. He then can drive an kick to anyone on the floor but he takes advantage of his spacing to score a layup. 


Incredible Set.

1-Norris Cole, 2-Ray Allen, LBJ-LeBron James, 4-Shane Battier, 5- Chris Bosh.

  • Basketball Play - EC Game 1 Winner
  • Basketball Play - EC Game 1 Winner
  • 2 sets a baskscreen for 5 for the lob. If 5 doesn't get it he spaces. While that is happening 1 sprints to oppo wing. 2 then gets screened by LBJ and sprints to the wing corner. LBJ pops for drive.

  • Open space for drive and kick. Shot an uncontested layup